The High Intensity KDS

Deliclever is the leading High Intensity KDS that provides efficiency and control to your high intensity kitchen with an unparalleled suite of optimized Kitchen Display Systems and tools.

The Native Delivery Platform

Built from the ground up for digital kitchens

We've rethought management and staff tools for digital kitchens instead of adapting decades old software.

Ready for peak time

Deliclever helps keep your Prep. Times at spectacularly low numbers even during peak hours.

Optimized for speed and quality

Deliclever provides your team with the tools to increase your delivery time by up to 20x without making mistakes such as missing items or lost products.

Feature 01


All kitchen stations have visibility on the overall live operations of the store as well as shared Live KPIs for maximum coordination.

Feature 02

Management control

See at a glance how everything is going, from company KPIs to tiny store details.

Feature 03

Real Time Metrics

Track all your stores' performance metrics for speed, quality and delivery.

Live Dashboards

Multiple Dashboard views for your RTO, Ops, Product and Marketing teams.

Advanced Reporting

Help your Kitchen Managers estimate supply and stock with advanced reports and scheduled reports.


Integrate multiple providers into one single system for faster and easier management.


Periodical health and safety checks with our Compliance Management tool.


Communicate with any staff member directly via our two-way messaging live system.

Deliclever Ecommerce

Digital ordering like nothing you've seen before.

Feature 04

The High Intensity Kitchen Software

Are you ready to get your business to the next level?